A Face Mask to Clean the Sea

(Melbourne, FL – March 9, 2021) – The Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on land but did you know it has also invaded the sea? Our ocean has already been littered with more than 1.56 billion facemasks. All it takes is one piece of trash to choke, tangle, or poison a sea creature. That’s why Sea Threads is removing plastic from the ocean to turn into reusable masks- to protect you and our oceans.   

While other brands use recycled plastic to make clothing, Sea Threads is the first to use 100% Certified Ocean Plastic. Each face mask and neck gaiter saves precious marine life while cleaning the ocean. With trusted partners, Sea Threads refines pollution into a product. 

  • Plastic is collected, broken down, and melted 
  • Fibers are woven into fabric to be cut, sewn, and printed
  • Garments are surprisingly comfortable and soft

The next step for Sea Threads is manufacturing the perfect performance shirt, each made from a half-pound of ocean plastic. They will be launching over Kickstarter on World Ocean Day (June 8th) with a special limited edition style. For more on how to do your part: 

Together we can change the tide of ocean plastic.

About Sea Threads:
Sea Threads is committed to building a community centered on improving the health of our oceans and everything that relies on them. All materials are certified for sourcing 100% ocean plastic by the Global Recycle Standard, NSF International, UL, and Zero Plastic Oceans in partnership with Oceanworks. Supply chain partners are carefully vetted for transparency and ethical working conditions. Based out of Groundswell Startups in Melbourne Florida, Dylan Cross leads this Florida Incorporated startup with a bachelor’s in Business and Environmental Studies from nearby Florida Institute of Technology.

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