Our Ocean Promise

It’s about time something good came from all the plastic in our oceans.

Our mission is simple:
Sea Threads is committed to building a community centered on improving the health of our oceans and everything that relies on them.

The use of environmentally-friendly materials is central to the Sea Threads mission. By specifying our shirts are made from ocean plastic, we are able to support circular economies and prevent excessive use of fossil fuel that occurs when manufacturing new polyester.

Our Commitment to Quality and Sustainable Practices

Sea Threads is committed to building a transparent and ethical product through social and environmentally responsible business practices. All suppliers and processors undergo a rigorous vetting process for material authenticity and quality, supply chain transparency, ethical treatment of people and planet, and regulatory compliance through the Oceanworks Code of Conduct. Sea Threads fabrics are certified by Global Recycle Standard, NSF International, UL and Zero Plastic Oceans.

Purchase orders, shipping documentation and transfer certificates are utilized alongside photo and video content to document material quantity, location of origin, and date of shipment for all products. Third party auditors WBI, ATS, Intertek®, SGS® and Qima®
ensure compliance for all materials and processes. This manufacturing data goes into determining our environmental impact metrics specifying the amount of plastic removed from the ocean along with each garment. All of our products feature the Oceanworks Guarantee Seal of Authenticity to certify the sourcing of 100% ocean plastic.

By the Numbers

Sea Threads is excited to announce that our first production of 100% Certified Ocean Plastic clothing has measured up to the following:

• ¼ Metric Tons of Removed Ocean Plastic
•1 Ton of CO2e Avoided (Carbon Footprint)
• 500 Kg of CO2 Avoided
• 1,444 kWh of Energy Saved
• 25 Million BTUs of Energy Saved
• 171 Gallons of Oil Avoided
• 203 cubic feet of landfill space saved

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